Meet Andrea

My name is Andrea MacAdam and I am very pleased to be working as your Potton Community Agent, in such a lovely, friendly town.


I have worked for BRCC for the past 14 years. I undertake a very similar role in Bedford Borough, as a Village Agent, on the two days I’m not working in Potton. Prior to working for BRCC, I managed a day centre for older people for Gloucestershire Social Services.


I live in Kempston Rural with my young daughter and our menagerie of cats, chickens and fish. I also have a grown up son who works down the road from Potton at Wimpole Hall as a chef.


I have extensive experience of working with older people and am very passionate about helping to improve people’s quality of life. Supporting older people to live a healthy, happy and independent life is very important to me.

Often older people are not sure what services, benefits and support is available to them. This is where I can help.


If you have an issue that you don’t have anyone to talk to about or perhaps you don’t want to discuss with your relatives, then please
telephone me on 0300 555 5949.


Leave me a message with your name, telephone number and a brief description of the issue and I will call you back as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.



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